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What Is Complex PTSD?

Most people will experience at least one or two traumatic events in their lives. This could involve the unexpected loss of a loved one, a natural disaster, a frightening accident, or even an act of violence. People who live through events like this may struggle to cope with the impact of their trauma.


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Acceptance and Change

How often do you get angry because of how unfair things are? Well, we have some bad news—sometimes life is unfair. And getting angry about it can make it worse. Acceptance and change are two very important principles for dealing with anger (and are important to DBT skills and mindfulness). Here is a saying used by many people to help them figure this out:


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The Power of Mindfulness

How many times have you wished you could take back something you did or said when you felt triggered? How many times have you reacted first and felt bad later? Imagine if you could hit a pause button every time you feel stressed, anxious, or overwhelm by what's coming at you. Then take your time to decide what the best action might be. With practice, mindfulness can become your pause button.


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